Private tour true rural and authentic side of Amsterdam. Starting next to Amsterdam CS we take a short ferry ride across the IJ river to the North side of Amsterdam.

IJ river tour

    This is our 3 hour private Segway tour that avoids the city centre. Instead we show you a more rural and authentic side of Amsterdam. Starting next to Amsterdam Central Station we take a short ferry ride across the IJ river to the North side of Amsterdam. In the past the North side was used as the gallows field. When you were sentenced to death (and in those days it didn’t take much to receive a death sentence) you were hanged within the city walls. After your death you were brought to the gallows field on the North side of the IJ river and were left hanging to rot away and serve as a warning for the rest of the people. Nowadays the North side is mostly houses and businesses but there are some interesting parts of it that are definately worth a visit.

    One of these parts is the Nieuwendammerdijk / Schellingwouderdijk. These streets are built on levees and are one of the oldest parts of Amsterdam. Though most houses here have been rebuilt over the years, the style of the houses has remained the same. The Nieuwendammerdijk was a favorite location for  retired sea captains. In those days they still had a unobstructed view of the IJ river and could watch the large sail ships (tall ships) coming and going into Amsterdam. This part was known as the “Captains’ Heaven”. Nowadays it is known as Amsterdam’s “Gold Coast” due to the high value of the houses there. When gliding on the Segway along the Nieuwendammerdijk and the Schellingwouderdijk it is easy to picture yourself back in the days of the old Amsterdam.

    After gliding through this remarkable area we cross the IJ river once again and we now find ourselves in the eastern part of Amsterdam. We Segway through some residential areas on our way to one of the more famous landmarks, windmill “De Gooyer”.  Next to this windmill lies one of Amsterdam’s independent beer breweries, brouwerij ‘t IJ. They have over 10 different self brewed beers, all of which are certified organic. On a nice summer’s day the outside terrace is packed with locals having a nice cold beer. If there is time left on the tour a short stop is definitely a possibility!

    We conclude this tour with a glide over the “Amsterdam Islands”, a neighbourhood called this way because it is built on land protruding into the IJ river. This area is famous for it’s diverse and modern architecture. We visit the  Java eiland and the KNSM eiland.

    • North side of Amsterdam
    • Nieuwendammerdijk
    • Schellingwouderdijk
    • East side of Amsterdam
    • Windmill “De Gooyer”
    • KNSM eiland
    • Java eiland

    € 75 | 3 hour tour




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